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Mahmood Al-Hashimi

Mahmood Al-Hashimi

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Mahmood Al-Hashimi
Account Assistant

Tel: 0207 725 2269

As an accounts supervisor, I am privileged to work as part of a dynamic and multicultural team working for a company that is at the forefront of the travel industry. Being part of the accounts team we safeguard the smooth and efficient transmission of bookings between department to department while ensuring precision and security of the monetary aspect of all transactions.

Having garnered many skills such as leadership and communicative skills from previous managerial positions, I was able to apply and further hone my skills to a more advanced level while at the same time gaining new and valuable skills from the position I work in.

One of my most profound interests are travel and exploration. Given this interest, working for IKB was extremely rewarding and delightful. Other interests I have are art and drawing, playing guitar and piano, sports including football and ice-skating. Human rights activist and active member of amnesty international.


Msc - Forensic science and criminal justice
Bsc - Forensic science and investigative analysis
TEFL certification in teaching English
A-level's in biology psychology and ICT
8 GCSE's

Affiliate member of the chartered society of forensic sciences
Member of Amnesty International