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Alnaser Airlines - Flights to Baghdad

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IKB Travel is proud to announce a partnership with Al-Naser Airlines on the London to Baghdad route using a Boeing 737-400. This is the first privately operated Iraqi company offering such a service to the business and ethnic community. Operations began in November 2010 with thirteen flights operated successfully so far with the programme scheduled to run on a regular basis indefinitely.

Sales & logistics will be handled by IKB Travel on this route with the last seven flights operating at full capacity. IKB Travel is working closely with the United Kingdom and Iraqi Civil Aviation Authorities and has made arrangements for the service to operate via a security stop in Malmo, Sweden. The service currently operates out of London Gatwick Airport and into Baghdad International Airport every Saturday from London, and every Friday from Baghdad back to London. Plans are in place to extend the service to operate more frequently in the summer season. The aircraft in configured to operate to 124 spacious economy seats and 12 luxurious first-class seats.

Please find below; further information about Al-Naser Airlines:

Departure From
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Flight Number
Stopover Time
LGW - London
BGW - Baghdad
49 mins in Malmo
BGW - Baghdad
LGW - London
3 hours in Malmo

* All times are in local time

Al-Naser Airlines is a newly established airline, considered to be the first private Iraqi airline that achieved the Iraqi Air Operatorís Certificate (AOC). The company owns three Boeing aircraft consisting of a B767-200, a B737-400 & a B737-200. They started the business by leasing their aircraft on charter services as well as on a VIP basis.

Abir Burhan, Operations Manager at IKB Travel (center) meets with representatives of Al-Naser Airlines

In the 2009 the company was granted the International Air Transport Association (IATA) designation letter 6N. Al-Naser Airlines subsequently started its scheduled flights from Baghdad to all domestic cities in Iraq and to a wide variety of Middle and Far Eastern countries. The whole of the Al-Naser Airlines fleet is insured on premier insurance terms using the services of experienced international companies such Willis of London. In addition; all of the aircrafts meet or exceed current aircraft regulations. Al-Naser Airlines plans to expand its fleet thorough the purchase of four additional aircraft in order to reach a wider range of destinations including China, India and the USA. The company strives to make flying with Al-Naser Airlines a joyful and relaxing experience for all its passengers.

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Bookings to Iraq Baghdad international from London Gatwick airport will be handled by IKB Travel in London please click here for their website. Flight reservation can be made by contacting IKB

Alnaser Airlines and IKB Travel - Flights to Baghdad