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For flights from London to Arbil search online at IKB Travel or call 0207 724 8455 to book your flight, we search across all major airlines that fly from London to Arbil such as Royal Jordanian, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Etihad Airways, IKB Travel may also have additional flights which are not online so call our London to Arbil specialists to find out more.


Compare cheap flights from London to Arbil by reviewing our search results we have found for you below, if you are flexible with your travelling dates then you can select our previous or next day options to shift your travelling dates accordingly. This allows you to see if there are cheaper flights from London to Arbil one day prior or after your ideal travel dates.

Arbil is a developing city with a rich historic centre, having only recently in the last 10 years evicted all inhabitants from the world famous citadel it was one of the oldest inhabited structures in the world, before beginning the restoration process.

Flights from London to Arbil leave Heathrow frequently as more and more people go and see loved ones or to go for a relaxing break away.


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